Gravotech M40 Rotary Engraving Machine (New) Item # GV-104030
Gravotech M40 Rotary Engraving Machine (New) Item # GV-104030
Gravotech M40 Rotary Engraving Machine (New) Item # GV-104030
Gravotech M40 Rotary Engraving Machine (New) Item # GV-104030
Gravotech M40 Rotary Engraving Machine (New) Item # GV-104030
Gravotech M40 Rotary Engraving Machine (New) Item # GV-104030
Gravotech M40 Rotary Engraving Machine (New) Item # GV-104030
Gravotech M40 Rotary Engraving Machine (New) Item # GV-104030
Gravotech M40 Rotary Engraving Machine (New) Item # GV-104030
Gravotech M40 Rotary Engraving Machine (New) Item # GV-104030


Gravotech M40 Rotary Engraving Machine

SKU: GV-104030
Manufacturer: Gravotech

New w/ Factory Warranty

From the Manufacturer:


M40: Multi-purpose rotary engraving machine for signage and gifts

The M40 is a compact, versatile, custom engraving machine. Its large engraving area makes it a perfect engraving solution for medium-sized and flat objects. It can engrave a variety of materials such as stone engraving, gift engraving, and many more!!

Open structure

Don’t let your machine decide what you can or can't engrave. The M40 rotary engraver is 8.26x12in engraving area benefits from an open structure that allows larger items to be engraved when needed. Create custom engraving on very long plastic signage plates, electrical labels, thin wood beams, golf clubs, swords, irregular-shape items, and simply use as a sign engraver.

Gift engraving with the M40 Gift

The M40 Gift includes an automatic lubricant tank and a rotary device to personalize glasses and bottles. The rotary device can be tilted for conical items. Engrave and personalize any flat or cylindrical items up to 4.33in height.

Beginners rotary engraver

Control and adjust your work with our dedicated Gravostyle™ or ABC engraving software, thanks to several options. The M40 comes with an auto-centering jig and a laser beam (Point & Shoot) to help you place the item to engrave, while the engraving software automatically picks up its position. The included Gravogrip™ table firmly holds the item without leftover residue on it.


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Rotary Sign Engraver

The M40 engraving area matches the professional plate standards (doctor, lawyer, notary plate engraving). It is the perfect sign engraver, to engrave small and medium-sized plates and signs. Create in-house technical identification plates, electrical labels, operating instructions for appliances, professional plaques, and many more. The engraving software mirror mode allows engraving on the reverse side of acrylic plates, for a clear and professional finish.

Funeral Urn Engraving

Create all kinds of funeral signage or urn engraving with your M40 engraving machine. Wood, plastic, metal, coffin plates, and even stone engraving, is possible with the M40. Personalized engraving can be accomplished with commemorative items, add text, figures, and symbols to your composition and more.

Colorized Personalized Engraving

Add color to your creation after the engraving. Apply black Gravolaque on plaques or plate engraving for a contrasted result, or personalize your plastic signs with cold wax (several colors available). Gravotech offers a wide choice of two-layer materials. Take off the first layer to see the second one, and get colorful signs without adding any chemical product. Check our consumables catalog to see all the color combinations. Compatible with interior and exterior usage.



  • Metal Engraving
  • Plastic Engraving
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  • Metal Engraving
  • Crystal & Glass Engraving
  • Plastic Engraving
  • Funeral Plaques & Headstone Engraving


  • Plastic Engraving
  • Express Engraver
  • PMMA, Plexiglas® Acrylic Engraving
  • Funeral Plaques & Headstone Engraving

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Additional Information

Technical Specifications
  • Automatic Z-axis: No need to manually measure your items.
  • Point & shoot: Easily place your item and start engraving.
  • Optional Bluetooth: Wireless communication between your software and the machine.
  • 4.36mm spindle diameter: More stable spindle for higher precision. Compatible with Twincut.
  • 20,000 tr/min speed: Clean and smooth engraving finish.
  • Deep Vice: To engrave larger items.
  • Technologies: Rotary, scribing
  • Marking area max: 305 mm x 210 mm (12 x 8.3 in)
  • Spindle power: 30 W
  • Max object height: 110 mm (4.3 in)

  • Max. object size (L x W x H) (weight): Unlimited x 210 (8.27 in) mm (10 kg - 22.04 lbs)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 550 mm x 510 mm x 390 mm (21.7 in x 20.1 in x 15.4 in)
  • Machine weight: 19 kg (41.88 lb)
  • Automatic Z axis: Yes
  • Noise level: less than 70 dB
  • Spindle Type: Top load spindle - Hollow shaft motor
  • Point & shoot: Yes
  • Operating Temperature: min. +5° C (+ 41° F) - max. +40° C (+104° F)
  • Connection to computer: USB / Bluetooth
  • Maximum speed: 25 mm/s (0.98 in/s)
  • Z stroke (Z travel): 40 mm (1.57 in)
  • Rotation speed: 20,000 rpm
  • Software: ABC / Gravostyle / Gravotouch
  • Tool diameter: 4.36mm (0.17 in)

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