Grecon Dimter Optimizing Saw (Used) Item # UE-110921R (Pennsylvania) - AIM Equipment Co.
Grecon Dimter Optimizing Saw (Used) Item # UE-110921R (Pennsylvania)
Grecon Dimter Optimizing Saw (Used) Item # UE-110921R (Pennsylvania)
Grecon Dimter Optimizing Saw (Used) Item # UE-110921R (Pennsylvania)


Grecon Dimter Optimizing Saw

SKU: UE-110921R
Date listed: November 9, 2021

Grecon Dimter Optimizing Saw

From the seller: "As Taken From Service"

Year: 2000


About this Item

  • Specifications: Dual sided marking station.
    8" Max. & 1" min. board width cap., thickness from 5/8" - 3-1/8" max., board length from 16" min. - 16' max., special arrangement for measuring incoming lumber down to 7/8" wide, outfeed length can be as short as 5"; cuts softwood or hardwood. Feeds from left to right.

    Equipped with: 10 HP - 4,100 RPM Arbor motor, 15-3/4" dia. saw blade; 10 HP Servo drive feed motor accelerates material up to 750 FPM, (3) pneumatically operated top rollers & (1) driven bottom drum roller positively feeds board to saw, then stops quickly for saw to make precision cut.

    Transport belt: 10" Wide infeed belt between measuring station & saw to process full length cap. board.

    Saw Station features: Saw stroke cylinder with acceleration and deceleration unit for very high cutting speed; material feeds up to 550 FPM from right-to-left (LH Version); patented "Waste Gate" eliminates short waste & end tris at saw blade.

    Outfeed & Sorting: 10" accelerating belt conveyor to sorting station with 12 kickers, 2 HP feed drive; kickers are encoder pulse controlled and sort by any combination of length, grade and width; can be programmed to kick singularly or to kick in "2s or 3s" for larger heavier boards.

    Separate control cabinet with: Industrial PC-type computer (multi-tasking, Bus system) with 15" VGA monitor, 101-key board, hard disk for data storage & floppy disk drive; controls all system functions including measuring, optimizing, cutting & sorting.

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    UE-110921R- 13957



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