Gunnar AiOX Hybrid XLV Mat Cutter w/ Vacuum (Used) Item # UE-082223C
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Gunnar AiOX Hybrid XLV Mat Cutter w/ Vacuum (Used) Item # UE-082223C
Gunnar AiOX Hybrid XLV Mat Cutter w/ Vacuum (Used) Item # UE-082223C


Gunnar AiOX Hybrid XLV Mat Cutter w/ Vacuum

SKU: UE-082223C
Date listed: August 22, 2023

Gunnar AiOX Hybrid XLV Mat Cutter w/ Vacuum

  • Model Number: AiOX Hybrid XLV
  • Item Under Power: Yes
  • Includes: T2 Scribe Tool

From the Seller: "Bought the machine in 2020 thinking that we were going to use it but never cut more than a few mats. In good working order. Under power. Can be inspected and tested on site. Include computer and software"


About this Item

Features & Specifications

***Manufacturer's Information:

Gunnar AiOX Hybrid Specification Sheet

Available in 2 sizes:

- Smaller (M) table
- Larger (XL) table


Best solution for overall fixation of the mat board, can be used with or without button finger clamps. And best, available for all AiOX cutter models.


The COE mode is for simultaneous cutting on two work surfaces, left and right of the table. Special finger button clamp positioning. Very good solution for cutting larger production sets of same mat board design. Available for the AiOX Professional XL version only and not in combination with the vacuum table.


The multifunctional box making, scoring and debossing tool, available for most AiOX configurations.


The multifunctional and variable mounting device for all different kinds of writing instruments and marker pens, for mat board decoration and writing effects, pen tool/holder, available for most AiOX configurations.


Module, based on a high resolution optical vision sensor, to automatically detect many types of print, cut and crop marks on different material surfaces. Comes with enhanced file import for SVG, DXF, PDF and more data formats. This system is also available as an upgrade kit for existing GUNNAR cutting machines.

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