Gunnar Novex Decor Matboard & Signage Material Cutter (New) Item # GU-101040
Gunnar Novex Decor Matboard & Signage Material Cutter (New) Item # GU-101040
Gunnar Novex Decor Matboard & Signage Material Cutter (New) Item # GU-101040


Gunnar Novex Decor Matboard & Signage Material Cutter

SKU: GU-101040
Manufacturer: Gunnar

New w/ Factory Warranty

From the Manufacturer:

A perfectly scalable and flexible fully automatic single and low ply precision cutting solution. This is the GUNNAR NOVEX platform. The state-of-the-art high end digital cutting centre with a very compact and modular design, offering highest process and growth flexibility based on an upgradable cutting machine and cutting tool concept. The NOVEX platform is available in different table sizes and system configurations as well as scalable and combinable with many different GUNNAR hardware and software peripherals.

  • Productive and Flexible Matboard and Signage Material Cutting
  • Table Type: Static Table with Button Clamps
  • Sizes: Small & Large

About this Item

Features & Specifications

Model Highlights

- Highly modular and upgradable cutter and cutting tool concept
- Very compact and ergonomical machine body design
- Single or twin cutting tool adapter with easy to operate fast tool change system
- Cutting, Routing, Writing, Drawing, Scoring, Debossing, Engraving
- State-of-the-art front and back side touchless sensor based operator safety system
- Available in different lengths and widths

Main Areas Of Applications

- Picture Framing
- Wall Decor
- Museums
- Archival Solutions, Packaging
- Signage

Main Types Of Materials

- Mat Board
- Foam, Foam Core, Dibond, Styrene
- Pre-printed Plexiglass, Acrylic, Aluminum, Plastics, Coated Material
- Cardboard, Corugated Board, Backboard, Honeycomb
- Canvas

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