Holz-Her 1310 Edgebander (used) Item # UE-050522A (Michigan)
Holz-Her 1310 Edgebander (used) Item # UE-050522A (Michigan)
Holz-Her 1310 Edgebander (used) Item # UE-050522A (Michigan)
Holz-Her 1310 Edgebander (used) Item # UE-050522A (Michigan)


Holz-Her 1310 Edgebander

SKU: UE-050522A
Manufacturer: Holz-Her
Date listed: May 5, 2022

Holz-Her 1310 Edgebander


About this Item

  • From seller: "This used edgebander is in good working condition."

    Cartridge glue system (1906M), 3 mm edge thickness capacity, 6 - 45 mm panel thickness, 60 mm minimum panel width and 180 mm minimum length.

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  • Equipped With:

    Semi-automatic magazine coil (1903), 0.4 to 3 mm PVC capacity pneumatic guillotine for coil cutoff.

    2-roller pressure s3ection (1912P) w/ electronically controlled and feed speed symphonized drive coil.


    Double motor end trim (1818), with swivel point - chamfers 0 degrees to 10 degrees, 0.22 kW - 9,000 RPM motor, (HF - 300 Cy).

    (1942M) Universal Top and Bottom fine trim, for bevels from 0 degrees to 15 degrees, 0.6 kW (0.9 HP) - 22,000 RPM HF (300 Cv) motor each.

    Top & Bottom surface scraping (1929) for smoothing and cleaning of residues.

    Top & Bottom glue scraping station.

    Single feed speed 26 FPM (9 MPM).

    PLC (Programmable Logic Control) for easy setup & program storage.

    Note: New Feed Chain installed April 2020

    Dimensions: 145" L x 57" W x 60" H

    Weight: 2,000 lbs.

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    UE-050522A - EU-014209


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