Horizon SPF-20A Stitch & Fold Stitcher (used) Item # UE-090721F (North Carolina)


Horizon SPF-20A Stitch & Fold Stitcher

SKU: UE-090721F
Date listed: September 7, 2021

Horizon SPF-20A Stitch & Fold Stitcher


About this Item

  • Serial #003057
    FC-20A Serial #003051
    HOF 20 Serial #326002
    SPF-20/20A STITCHING & FOLDING SYSTEMApplication Corner/Side/Top Stitching Saddlestitching.Min./Max. Sheet Sizes 5? x 7? min. to 14? x 16.75? max. 4.75? x 7? min. to 14? x 20? max.Maximum Thickness Up to .25? (Up to 3?8" with optional head) Up to 24 sheets of 50 lb. offset.Production Speed* Up to 3,600 sets/hour. Up to 3,600 booklets/hour.Power Requirement/Consumption 220 V AC, 60 HZ, single or 3-Phase / 450 W, 5 amps.Weight/Dimensions 1,034 lbs., 1,080 lbs.(SPF-20A) / 78" L x 29" W x 44" H.Features Automatic set-up on SPF-20A; variable speed; integrated hand-feed; two Hohner stitching heads standard; knife fold with dual set of fold rollers;stitch-head skew adjustment; adjustable fold plate; air-assist jogging; external adjustments on the fly.FC-20/20A FACE TRIMMERTrimming Mechanism Shear-action scissor system (self-sharpening).Cutting Dimensions Back to front edge 3.3? to 9.9?.Min./Max. Trimmed Booklet Size 3.3? x 4.75? to 9.9? x 14?.Maximum Trim .6?.Cutting Thickness 48 sheets of 50 lb. offset.Production Speed* Up to 3,600 booklets per hour.Power Requirement/Consumption 220 V AC, 60 HZ, single or 3-Phase / 200 W, 5 amps.Weight/Dimensions 507 lbs., 529 lbs.(FC-20A) / 24" L x 29" W x 42" H.Features Automated set-up on FC-20A; 25" variable speed exit conveyor; air-blast trim removal into slide-out scrap drawer; easy blade removal.
    Sheet Feed Station Minimium 7.88" W x 10.83" L
    Sheet Feed Station Normal Paper 52 to 130 gsm, Coated Paper 73 to 160 gsm
    Cover FeedStation Normal Paper 64 to 256 gsm, Coated Paper 79 to 256 gsm
    Sheet Feed Max. 27,000 sheets/hr. (Three StepsAdjustable)
    Cover Feed Station Max. 8,000 sheets/hr. (A4 / 8.5" x 11")
    Single Phase 220 V, 50 / 60 Hz/Single Phase 230 V, 50 Hz

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