IMA Advantage 500 L Production Edgebander, Edgebanding Machinery
IMA Advantage 500 L Production Edgebander (used) Item # UE-042022E (Michigan)
IMA Advantage 500 L Production Edgebander (used) Item # UE-042022E (Michigan)
IMA Advantage 500 L Production Edgebander (used) Item # UE-042022E (Michigan)


IMA Advantage 500 L Production Edgebander

SKU: UE-042022E
Manufacturer: IMA
Date listed: April 20, 2022

IMA Advantage 500 L Production Edgebander


About this Item

  • From the seller: "Cleaned and checked."

    Elect./Voltage: 480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.

    Manufacture Year: 2012

    Includes Pre-Milling & Corner Rounding

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    UE-042022E - 012441

  • ***From the manufacturer:

Basic Specifications:
Edgebanding capacity, Coiled material 0.3 - 3 mm; (0.012 - 0.118"), strips 3.0 - 12.0 mm (0.118 - 0.472) panel thickness min/max 8 - 60 mm (0.315 - 2.362").

Equipped With:
? Pre-Milling Unit 08.379, with kW 4 x 2 (HP 5.3 x 2) 9,000 RPM vertical joining spindles, with SIKO digital readouts, particle & debris air jet blower.
? Glue System "EVA" (Hot Melt) with "quick-look" system and automatic granulate glue feeding from granulate glue supply drum.
? Pressure Roll Section with (1) large dia. driven and (5) idle rollers.

? End Trimming Unit 08.415: Dual motor kW 0.66 x 2 (HP 0.88 x 2) suspended from the hold-down beam, automatic chamfer adjustment 0? - 8?.
? Rough Trimming Unit 08.055: Top & bottom flush trimming, W 1.000 x 2 (HP 1.34 x 2) - 12,000 RPM ea. motor, against the feed (up-milling), vertical & horizontal tracing wheels, digital readouts for adjustments.
? Contour Unit CTU-L: Multi-use, top & bottom linear and vertical corner trimming, total motors (4), 2 x 180 W and 2 x 400 W, 12.000 RPM.
? Profile Scraper Unit 08.519: Profile scrapers for up to 3 mm thick PVC banding, vertical & horizontal tracing shoes.
? Glue Scraping Unit 08.521: Flat, top & bottom self-tracing glue scraper.
? Buffing Unit 08.617-2: Top & bottom kW 0.18 x 4 (HP 0.25 x 4) - 1,400 RPM.
? Edge Smoothing Unit: Top & bottom for 1,2 and 3 mm edge

Complete With:
? Control System ICOS OPEN TS, large color LCD display; displays stored data, on/off work station sequence, troubleshooting diagnostic; data input by touch screen, alphanumeric keyboard and mouse. Microprocessor adjusts according to stored programs or input; pressure section position & pressure control, vertical positioning of all hold-down beam mounted workstations.
? Heavy Duty "sliding" feed chain with 70 mm wide x 60 mm long rubber pad inserts, central lubrication of transport chain, variable feed speed 4 - 20 MPM (13 - 65 FPM);
? Motorized central height adjustment of top pressure beam with double V-belt hold-down.
? Sound enclosure, all stations, all trimming & milling motors DC electrical motor brakes for immediate stopping.
? Spraying Units, up front at in-feed for anti stick solvent and polishing solvent prior to Buffing Station.

*** Check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer?s website.

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