Inmes IM-300PL Double Miter Saw (used) Item # UFE-3151
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Inmes IM-300PL Double Miter Saw (used) Item # UFE-3151
Inmes IM-300PL Double Miter Saw (used) Item # UFE-3151
Inmes IM-300PL Double Miter Saw (used) Item # UFE-3151
Inmes IM-300PL Double Miter Saw (used) Item # UFE-3151


Inmes IM-300PL Double Miter Saw

SKU: UFE-3151
Manufacturer: Inmes

From the seller: "Saw is in good working condition. It is single phase, 220 V."
Includes measuring table and dust collector

From the manufacturer:
The IM-300PL double miter saw was developed by Inmes to meet the growing demand of equipment and provide best quality cuts on several kinds of material. It offers miters with 80 mm (3-1/8") height by 142 mm (5-5/8") width. The IM-300PL is a very robust machine what makes it possible to obtain high quality cuts. In one single piece of equipment you can get Quality, Safety, Design, and the best-cost benefit/ratio.

The vertical clamp was developed to assure an extra quality of the cut. Adjusting automatically to the profile, and also ensure more safety to the operator.

The moulding stop, assure accuracy cuts on the profile. With an innovating and articulated design, the moulding stop allows the operator to use one or more stop to cut many profile of different size, without having to change the position.

The IM-300PL can be equipped with a efficient dust collector with filter, the dust collector being positioned inside the machine and the filter outside of it. That will assure less space occupied by the machine and more efficiency when collecting the dust.

Equipment comes with: Machine IM-300PL, Saw Blade, Moulding Stop

The IM-300PL can be equipped with a wide range of accessories on demand: Right Extension Table, Additional Right Extension Table, Left Extension Table, Auto Flip-Flop Stop

Obs.: Use appropriate saw blade for each type of material.


About this Item

  • Blades of 300 mm (12") diameter to cut wood
  • Induction motor with high resistance (single or three phases)
  • Front access through panel, making it quick to change the blades
  • Independent action of the saw blades through pneumatic foot pedal for easy cutting and less waste of moulding
  • Independent adjustment of the blades with easy access
  • Pivot mechanism with conical bearings on cutting arms
  • Diagramed Scale to the left and right side, allowing to set the in and out measurement of the profiles without having to use a measuring tape
  • Moulding stop for setting lengths of cuts
  • Powdered painting, improving the equipment's better finishing.

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