Used Ioline CrystalPress II Rhinestone Machine
Ioline CrystalPress II Rhinestone Machine (used) Item # UE-022822A (Washington)
Ioline CrystalPress II Rhinestone Machine (used) Item # UE-022822A (Washington)
Ioline CrystalPress II Rhinestone Machine (used) Item # UE-022822A (Washington)


Ioline CrystalPress II Rhinestone Machine

SKU: UE-022822A
Date listed: February 28, 2022

Ioline CrystalPress II Rhinestone Machine


About this Item

  • ***From the manufacturer:

    Less than half the price of any other automatic setting system with direct from the manufacturer pricing
    Use up to 6 different size rhinestones and up to 100 colors per design
    For designs with more than two colors or two different size stones, CrystalPress owners benefit from a very simple and fast changeout of stones and sorter wheels (taking about 23 seconds) ? much quicker than any other automatic two bowl machine. When it comes to the speed of producing a design we know that it?s not only measured in the pick and placement of stones but rather the time it takes to complete the finished design
    Create 600 stone rhinestone heat transfers in less than 15 min. Making just 10 shirts a day using this design example (2.5 hrs of run time) with a $14 profit per shirt and your CrystalPress will pay for itself in a little over 6 weeks
    As your production needs increase so can the speed by adding more rhinestone setting machines. The price of two rhinestone transfer machines is still less than any other comparable with added benefits:
    (1) produce two different designs at the same time
    (2) the peace of mind of not having to stop production in the event a machine unexpectedly goes down
    The Ioline CrystalPress rhinestone machine can grow with your business ? add up to 4 units and run from a single computer for high production work

    Design with multiple colors and stone sizes
    The CrystalPress allows you to use up to 100 different color rhinestones and up to 6 different sizes per design. Each bowl can hold a different color/size and the CrystalStudio software instructs the pick and place tool which stone to use.
    Requirements: A PC running Windows? 7 , 8 or 10. Compatible with x32 and x64 versions.
    Connectivity: Plugs into a PC just like an office printer via a USB or serial port.
    Design software compatibility
    Ioline Design
    Adobe Illustrator?
    CrystalStudio Software
    Import files from CorelDRAW!?, Adobe Illustrator?, and other programs
    Accepts .PLT and .DXF files
    The compact design of the CrystalPress fits in small spaces. Place on a tabletop
    Footprint: 7 in deep x 44 in wide x 13.5 in tall
    Heat transfer paper: Heat transfer paper comes in two sizes: 15.75? x 13.5? (sold in 26 packs) and 15.75? x 31.5? (sold in 10 packs). 50 yrd. rolls are also available.
    Rhinestones: Rhinestones come in a variety of colors, shapes and price levels. Preciosa Crystals, Ioline Rhinestones and Octagon Rhinestuds are available for purchase from Ioline ?
    No periodic maintenance
    No Adjustments: There?s relatively little to maintain on the CrystalPress. Simply wipe dust and lint off the machine periodically.
    Lubrication: No oiling or grease required.


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