Used iTW AMP / AMP International VN4 Vnailer Underpinner Back Nailer Frame Joiner
ITW AMP / AMP International VN4 Vnailer (used) UFE-3022 (KS)
ITW AMP / AMP International VN4 Vnailer (used) UFE-3022 (KS)
ITW AMP / AMP International VN4 Vnailer (used) UFE-3022 (KS)
ITW AMP / AMP International VN4 Vnailer (used) UFE-3022 (KS)


ITW AMP / AMP International VN4 Vnailer

SKU: UFE-3022
Manufacturer: AMP

From the seller: "This used joiner is in working condition. The top clamp is temperamental and doesn't always (part replacement is under $200). There is a small air leak which has not affected the operation. "

Price? ?$1,500

*** Manufacturer's Information:

Fletcher U300P /?Mitre-Mite VN 4 L Frame Joiner

The AMP VN4L is designed for the highest level of precision framing. On this model, the driver moves underneath the moulding to be joined, providing meticulous control of join placement (up to 3 nail positions) as well as faster production times. Its 3-position measurement locking controls produce highly accurate, ?one-touch? results. It has been enhanced to assemble frames up to 6.5 inches wide. Features include a pneumatic load/feed system to eliminate jams, ?soft clamp? pneumatics for damage-free joints, and a quick-change hold-down to fit most profiles.

The VN4L is designed for custom frame shops and other small businesses requiring ongoing production runs, in particular for frames of same or similar size that must be completed quickly.


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Price: $1,500.00

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