Joos-Quality-Press Basic HP 70 ÖKT Hydraulic Hot Press (Used) Item # UE-020123C (California)
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Joos-Quality-Press Basic HP 70 ÖKT Hydraulic Hot Press (Used) Item # UE-020123C (California)
Joos-Quality-Press Basic HP 70 ÖKT Hydraulic Hot Press (Used) Item # UE-020123C (California)
Joos-Quality-Press Basic HP 70 ÖKT Hydraulic Hot Press (Used) Item # UE-020123C (California)
Joos-Quality-Press Basic HP 70 ÖKT Hydraulic Hot Press (Used) Item # UE-020123C (California)


Joos-Quality-Press Basic HP 70 ÖKT Hydraulic Hot Press

SKU: UE-020123C
Date listed: February 1, 2023

From the Seller: "No longer need. In good working condition."

  • Year Manufactured: 2004
  • Model Number: HP-70/ÖKT
  • Total Capacity: 700 kN
  • Platen Area: 98 x 49 Inch
  • Operating Pressure: 348 bar
  • Heating Option: Hot Water-Heating System

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About this Item

Features & Specifications

***Manufacturer's Information:


The standard machine for the wood-processing trade for the pressing of veneers, papers or layer materials on all plane work pieces.

The Joos HP-70/ÖKT Basic comes equipped with a special patented water-heating system by electric thermal heating. These platens are lightweight for quick, efficient heat distribution. Hot water heat distribution guarantees temperature fluctuations of no more than 1 degree centigrade over the entire area of the press. Heat recovery times are reduced to minimal and energy savings can be drastically reduced over conventional oil systems.

The Joos Patented ABS Safety System is standard on the HP ÖKT Basic Hot Press. The ABS platen safety system prevents misloading of the press and eliminates danger to the platen caused by tilting. Press is equipped with high precision measurement of uneven pressures in the parallel-toothed rack. The press will open immediately. The edge guidance system is designed to keep the platen from moving during the closing cycle and floating bed movement does not compromise precise placement of sketch face veneer.

Special close centered I-beam design of the bed and top platen mounting surface (machined after assembly) and precision mounting fixtures for the hot platen, give a uniform pressure that results in a more solid glue bond. Another advantage of this design is better release of moisture from the glue and consequently longer bed life.

- Gold-Anodized Heating Platens (Extremely Resistant to Scratches & Abrasions)
- Dynamic Piston Bearing
- Multiple Heating Options: Electric / Hot Water / Thermal Oil
- Electronic Temperature Control Systems

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