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Jyden Chopper Blades (used) Item # UFE-3026 (KS)
Jyden Chopper Blades (used) Item # UFE-3026 (KS)
Jyden Chopper Blades (used) Item # UFE-3026 (KS)


Jyden Chopper Blades

SKU: UFE-3026
Manufacturer: Jyden

From the seller: "These Jayden knives /blades are in good condition."

Update: There is? one set of reversible blades available.? Reversible blades are shorter than standard blades and good to cut moulding up to 2 1/2". Standard blades will cut up to 3 7/8"

The standard and reversible blades are available. Standard blades come to a long point at the end and reversible are shorter and aligned at the end. Please specify which type of blade you need.

Price? $200 per set


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Price: $200.00

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