New Foster Keencut Flexo Futura Plate Cutter
Keencut Flexo Futura Plate Cutter (New) Item # NFE-359


Keencut Flexo Futura Plate Cutter

SKU: NFE-359
Manufacturer: Keencut

The Flexo Futura gives you ?

  • Large diameter roller thrust bearings on the cutting head for total control of both blade carriers. No flex, side play or hooks.
  • Features beveled edge and vertical blade holders that are spring loaded and retractable when not in use.

Designed specifically for cutting flexo printing plates, Foster Keencut?s Flexo Futura Plate Cutter takes the onerous task of hand beveling out of your hands minimizing the risk of injury from re-makes and bad cuts.

Moreover, this machine offers your shop incredible cost savings simply by eliminating manual errors. Improper hand-cut bevels can result in gaps between splices, costing you the time of filling and taping them and creating stress points that can release during a press run. The costly end result: a plate lifting off the printing cylinder and destroying itself.

With the Flexo Futura Plate Cutter, you can enjoy seamless splices, safety and savings.

?The cutter is working perfectly and has both been a time saver and a much safer way to cut our Flexo plates.??? Jerald Winstead, Technical Manager, Essentra Packaging

Flexo Futura Plate Cutter Includes:

  • Cutting mat
  • Medium-duty blades (100)

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