New Foster Keencut Ultimat Futura Mat Cutter
Keencut Ultimat Futura Mat Cutter (New) Item # NFE-357


Keencut Ultimat Futura Mat Cutter

SKU: NFE-357
Manufacturer: Keencut

All the precision of the Ultimat Gold PLUS a new cutting head with self aligning roller bearings for the smoothest cut ever.

The Ultimat Futura gives you:

  • Large diameter roller thrust bearings on the cutting head for total control of both blade carriers. ?No flex, side play or hooks.
  • Switchable magnetic blade holders for many blades cut so many different thicknesses.
  • Includes a roller lift and hold system, patented micro-stops and the base plate holds all accessories.

Perfect for Cutting?up to 5mm:

  • Banners
  • Foam board
  • Conservation board
  • Corrugated plastic
  • Mat board
  • Mount board
  • Self-adhesive vinyl

    About this Item

    • Upgrade Kits?for original Ultimat and?Ultimat Gold
      Futura slideway, cutting head and stop system have been specifically designed to retro-fit to existing machines. This upgrades your existing Ultimat & Ultimat Golds to the new Ultimat Futura capabilities. The Futura Upgrade Kit also includes (15) Tech S .012 and (15) Tech S .015 blades.

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