Magazine for A+ Universal Vnails


Steel Magazine for A+ Universal Vnails

SKU: AP-202010

The permanent steel cartridges for Cassese "CART" underpinners are made to replace the plastic v-nail cartridges that are no longer manufactured and fit the A-Plus Automation V-nails listed below.

10.3 A-Plus Automation Vnails




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Features & Specifications

A-Plus Automation Permanent Steel Cartridges for Cassese V-nails:

AP-202010 (1149010001-H05) - Metal Magazine for H05mm UNI Wedges - $168.67
AP-202020 (1149010001-H07) - Metal Magazine for H07mm UNI Wedges - $165.19
AP-202030 (1149010001-H10) - Metal Magazine for H10mm UNI Wedges - $165.19
AP-202040 (1149010001-H12) - Metal Magazine for H12mm UNI Wedges - $165.19
AP-202050 (1149010001-H15) - Metal Magazine for H15mm UNI Wedges - $168.67

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