MB Robatech 1300/2 Rotational Brush Sanding Machine (Used) Item # UE-092822B (Pennsylvania)
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MB Robatech 1300/2 Rotational Brush Sanding Machine

SKU: UE-092822B
Date listed: September 28, 2022

From the seller: "As Taken from Service."


About this Item

  • STABLE FLOOR-MOUNTED FRAME for mounting the sanding unit in encapsulated version with integrated floor extraction system and hinged maintenance doors.
  • VACUUM TRANSPORT CONVEYOR BELT with 180 mm drive rollers, 1300 mm (51”) working width, 1.5 kW drive power.
  • Infinitely adjustable feed 3-12 m/min (9-36 ft/min), Rubber conveyor belt with 7,5 kW vacuum blower, wear resistant
  • CLEANING BRUSH for cleaning the vacuum conveyor belt.
  • ROTATIONAL BRUSH BELT SANDING UNIT consisting of plug-in receptacle system for equipping with sanding segments (sanding brush height of 45, 60, 75mm can be used).
  • Working width 1300 mm (51”) Drive power 5,5 kW Sanding speed 30-140 m/min infinitely variable.
  • Rotation drive via toothed wheel rim. Rotation speed infinitely variable. Programmable control for different sanding procedures: a) Oscillation with free selectable oscillation angles between 10° to 45° for opposed sanding against feed direction b) 360° rotation of the main sanding belt with automized adjustment to the feed speed. c) Belt sanding function for opposed sanding against the feed direction. Brush set for main sanding belt 1300 mm (51”), consisting of: Up to 174 segmental brushes 1300 mm (51”) long. Fitted with a possible bristle height of 45 / 60 /75 mm.
  • DOUBLE BRUSH SANDING UNIT at machine exit. Sanding direction: synchronous-rotational and counter-rotational to transport direction Brush diameter: 310 mm Brush width: 1300 mm Drive: 2 x 3,0 kW infinitely variable between 300 -700 rpm Extraction hood diameter: 160 mm Brush set for rotational brush at machine exit, consisting of: 36 segmental brushes 1300 mm long.
  • Fitted with a bristle height of between 45mm, 60mm, 75mm Motorized height adjustment for brush belt sanding unit. Height adjustment range programmable from 0 to 80 mm (3”) by machine control.
  • Motorized height adjustment for double brush unit at machine exit.
  • Height adjustment range programmable from 0 to 80 mm (3”) by machine control. Line controller MB standard Functions: 1) Input of external emergency shutdown interlinking 2) Input of external release for automatic operation 3) Input of feed interruption for downstream machines 4) Output of emergency shutdown interlocking 5) Output of feed release for upstream machines
  • Machine weight: 2,800 t
  • Machine length: 3860 mm (152”)
  • Machine width: 2400 mm (94,5”)
  • Machine height: 2000 mm (79”)
  • Working height: 850-900 mm (33.5” – 35.5”)
  • Working width: 1300 mm (51”)
  • Power consumption: 16 kW

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  • Year Manufactured: Feb 2012
  • Serial Number: 599.12.11.
  • 480 Volt

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