MORSO-EH Fully Automatic Electric / Hydraulic Mitering Machine (New) Item # TM-106115


Morso EH Fully Automatic Electric / Hydraulic Mitering Machine

SKU: TM-106115
Manufacturer: Morso

Morso Model EH mitring machine is a fully automatic electric/hydraulic mitring machine, with a noise level below 70db - the perfect machine to cut picture mouldings in production - wooden, plastic and MDF mouldings.

In principle Morso EH does the same work as the Morso F, but with the Morso EH you have your work done automatically by pushing two push buttons. The Morso EH is safe to operate as you must activate both push buttons at the same time to have the machine work, and therefore you cannot get your fingers underneath the knives. With the Morso EH you can do production all day long. The Morso EH can be delivered either single phase or three phase with voltage to your requirements.

If you compare the Morso EH to a double mitre saw, you will find that first of all the cut with a saw is not as clean and accurate as with the Morso EH. Secondly, there will very often be a problem with the dust from the saw.

On Morso EH there is no dust, as the waste of the moulding is lead straight to the ground, which means it is not necessary to buy and expensive dust extractor.

Another thing is the waste of the moulding. By using a mitre saw, there will always be about one centimetre of waste per cut, but if you use the Morso EH, the waste is minimized to about 1 mm per cut.


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Features and Specifications:

Electrical connection: 230 volt, 1.1 KW - available in 3 phase or single phase (must specify when ordering)
Double miter: 45°
Single Miter: up to 90°
Cutting width max: 100 mm (4")
Cutting height max: 180 mm (7")
Measuring scale: 1,500 mm (60")
Net weight: 135 kilos (298 lbs.)

Additional Information

Key Features:
- Automatically cuts the work piece in two cuts leaving you with a clean, smooth cut.
- Knife block returns to its starting position after cutting is finished.
- Machine works continuously without manually adjusting the horizontal position of the knife block.
- Most efficient machine for repetitive work

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