New Morso F Deluxe Foot Operated Chopper for Sale
Morso F Deluxe Foot Operated Chopper / Mitering Machine (New) Item # NFE-123


Morso F Deluxe Foot Operated Chopper / Mitering Machine

SKU: NFE-123
Manufacturer: Morso

New w/ Factory Warranty
The MORSØ-F Deluxe leaves the cut surface of the wood perfectly smooth and accurate-requiring no further preparation before joining.

  • Features a colored, laminated measuring system that allows for quick and accurate measurements.
  • No dust collection required
  • Horizontal movement of the knife block is stepwise adjustable.
  • Sliding longitudinal stop and measuring scale ensure accurate repeat cuts.
  • The special lever system of the machine makes it easy to operate.
  • Twin return springs automatically bring the knives back to their starting position.
  • Can cut tenon, mortise joints and a wide variety of angled cuts.

Technical Specifications:
Double mitre: 45°
Single mitre up to: 90°
Cutting width, max.: 100 mm
Cutting height, max.: 160 mm
Square cutting: 65/65 mm
Measuring scale up to: 1,500 mm
Net weight: 90 kg


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