Morso-H Semi Automatic / Air Assist – Pneumatic Chopper Mitering Machine (New) Item # TM-106010


MORSO H Semi Automatic / Air Assist - Pneumatic Chopper Mitering Machine

SKU: TM-106010
Manufacturer: Morso

The MORSO H Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Mitering Chopping Machine leaves the cut surface of the wood perfectly smooth cut.

New w/ Factory Warranty



About this Item

Features & Specifications

Features and Specifications:

Technical Specifications:
- Double mitre: 45°
- Single mitre: up to 90°
- Cutting width max: 4" / 100 mm
- Cutting height, max: 6 1/3" / 165 mm
- Square cutting: 2 1/2" / 65 mm
- Measuring scale: up to 60" / 1,500 mm
- Air pressure: 6 - 8 bar
- Air consumption: 9 liter
- Hose connector: min. 10 mm
- Net weight: 198.5 lbs. / 90 kg

Additional Information

Morso Model H mitring machine works with the same simple principle as the Morso F, apart from being a pneumatic mitring machine.

The Morso H is operated by a secure two-hand release system, which makes it impossible for the fingers to touch the knives while working.

Again, there are no problems with dust, as all the waste will be led directly into a bin ( the bin is not delivered with the Morso H ), through the Morso Waste Chute, which is a standard accessory.

The air cylinder that pulls the knives through the workpiece secures an easy and effortless working procedure, and therefore Morso H can with advantage be used for repetition work.

Morso H is delivered with safety guard, push button switch operation, longitudinal stop, measuring scale, adjustable fences (45° - 90°), adjustable rebate supports and waste chute.

As an extra accessory, the Morso Moulding Clamps for Morso H can be recommended.

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