Neschen AccuCure 60 UV Laminator (Used) Item # UE-031721Q (Florida) - AIM Equipment Co.
Neschen AccuCure 60 UV Laminator (Used) Item # UE-031721Q (Florida)
Neschen AccuCure 60 UV Laminator (Used) Item # UE-031721Q (Florida)
Neschen AccuCure 60 UV Laminator (Used) Item # UE-031721Q (Florida)


Neschen AccuCure 60 UV Laminator

SKU: UE-031721Q
Manufacturer: Neschen
Date listed: March 17, 2021

From the seller: "This unit is a workhorse. Applies a coating of liquid UV coating onto rigid substrates such as corro, aluminum, acm, polystyrene, etc. This coating is then cured with UV lamps to a hard durable coating. Will double the life of your digital prints. Great way to upsell and get extra money on your sign orders. In working condition when removed 1 week ago. Parts & laminate still avail - see invoice photo. Have several gallons of laminate avail. as well. Here is a list of parts to completely refurbish this unit: (can put you in touch with the company that provides this service as well) Conveyor belt cost of $1400 Roundthane belts (for transition bar from coater to dryer) $40 Pumps 145ea x 3 = $435 Remove outdated air knife Realign rollers Recover CU Belt Rollers $685 UV lamp $586."

Year: 2008

Equipment Width: 60 inches

Number of Colors: laminate

Other Items Included: Neschen Liquid Laminate Coater & belt roller (AccuCure 60 UV)

Equipment Fully Functional: Yes

UE-031721Q - 26722-4921


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