Omer Pneumatic Point Driver (New) Item # NFE-317


Omer Pneumatic Point Driver

SKU: NFE-317
Manufacturer: Omer

For high volume production. Fires your choice of Rigid staples or Flex staples. Excellent fitting tool, light weight, reliable. Low noise, no recoil, fast air recycle, and easy to use. Extremely durable, this gun is built to hold up under volume production conditions and drives at low air pressure.

Omer Universal Tab Gun - Air Operated (model 53)

Lightweight pneumatic flextab single shot gun. For use with picture frames, photo frames and mirror frames. Pressure can be adjusted on each to regulate depth of insertion


About this Item

  • Weight 0.60kg

  • Height 150mm

  • Length 200mm

  • Max Capacity 350

  • Pressure 60-90 psi

  • Uses 15mm Tabs/V-Nails

Pricing & Shipping

Price: $260.00

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