OMGA V235 Double Miter Saw (Used) Item # UE-042022A (New York)
OMGA V235 Double Miter Saw (Used) Item # UE-042022A (New York)
OMGA V235 Double Miter Saw (Used) Item # UE-042022A (New York)
OMGA V235 Double Miter Saw (Used) Item # UE-042022A (New York)


OMGA V235 14" Double Miter Saw

SKU: UE-042022A
Manufacturer: OMGA
Date listed: April 20, 2022

OMGA V235 14" Double Miter Saw w/ Measuring Table & StopĀ 

  • Manufactured in 2007
  • Serial # 00-309250
  • Includes: Phase Converter & Dust Collector

From the Seller: "The saw is in good working condition. Saw is 3 Phase but am including an American Rotary Phase Converter which is brand new and is still under warranty. You can use it to run your saw on single phase power. Saw also comes with 1 pneumatic stop, and 2- flip-over stops"

Video #1 of Machine in Operation
Video #2 of Machine in Operation


About this Item

Features & Specifications

***Manufacturer's Information:

Double Mitre Saw for "V" cutting and Picture Frames. Two 14" saw blades, 3 1/2" width capacity.

Last generation vertical Double Mitre Saw from OMGA, the V 235 is the result of 30 years of experience in this field. This compact and powerful system counts with all features and patented devices that OMGA designed throughout the years, such as the ProfilBlock clamping system or the popular patented Scaled Tables to name a few. The vertical travel system along with its 2 powerful 2 HP motors, make of the V 235 the perfect choice for accuracy and toughness in a variety of application for the picture frame, cabinet and millwork industries. Because of its versatility the V 235 is well suited to be connected with our OMGA Stop TM creating a truly integrated system which can be configured in a variety of levels of automation to fulfill the most demanding mitering tasks. Optional equipment such as Scaled Table Extensions, Dust collecting Systems, additional Moveable Stops, Aluminum version Kit and others, can be added to further complete the standard machine.


- Motor power: 2 X 2 HP
- Arbor speed RPM: 3200
- Dust Chute: 2 X 3"
- Saw blade bore: 30 mm
- Auto mitre position: N/A
- Max cutting height: 3"
- Max cutting width: 3 9/16"
- Mitre positioning stops: 45
- Overall dimensions: 59" x 30" x 63"
- Saw blades Diameter: 350 mm
- Crated Dimensions: 62" x 35" x 67"

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