Phenolic Scrap Support for Pistorius EMN Saw (parts & accessories) (New) AT-301020


Phenolic Scrap Support for Pistorius EMN Saw

SKU: AT-301020


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Pistorius Saw New Replacement Part
For use with Pistorius Double Miter Saws

Additional Information

Pistorius Phenolic Scrap support (use with chip breaker)

A scrap support is a specifically shaped piece of phenolic resin that sits into the blade channel of a double miter saw. It supports miter cut portion of the moulding. The top of the support sits flush with the table. This provides a stable base which fills the void of the miter space. The main purpose of the support is to keep the miter scrap in place, keeping it from interfering with the operation of the saw blade. It also prevents blowout and chipping on the bottom and bottom back edge of moulding by preventing downward movement. Used in tandem with a Chip Breaker, it will help one achieve clean, consistent results with the saw.


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