Pistorius Compatible Saw Mist / Mister / Misting Lubrication System (NEW) Item # AT-201160


Pistorius Compatible Saw Mist / Mister / Misting Lubrication System

SKU: AT-201160
Manufacturer: Pistorius

New w/ Factory Warranty

This new mister unit is an optional accessory for Pistorius Saws. It is used when cutting metal.

Manufacturer's Info

General purpose models will handle most machine shop work such as drilling, tapping, pantographing, cutoff saws, band saws, surface grinders, etc. See Large capacity models for heavy milling and profiling, single point threading and turning, Blanchard grinding, large tool and cutter grinding, and large cutoff saws.

Air supply required.

Easy to use control

Output from each nozzle is regulated by a single knob on the control. Mist spray may be turned on or off instantly to coordinate with the cutting cycle, and the spray mix made lean or

or rich as needed.


AT-201160 PIS-SAW MIST UNIT-102NF18-14


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