New Pistorius Saw Left Handle Spindle Assembly Part
Pistorius Saw LEFT Handle Spindle Assembly (Replacement Part) (New Style) Item NFE-278


Pistorius Saw LEFT Handle Spindle Assembly (Replacement Part)

SKU: NFE-278
Manufacturer: Pistorius

Pistorius Saw Replacement Part

New Pistorius Replacement Part for EMN and MN series Pistorius Double Mitre saws. If your saw is an EMN and has 2 V-belts, then you need the old style (longer) spindle . This newer style spindle is the short version that is used on all Pistorius? EMN or MN double miter? saws that use a serpentine or cogged (timing) tooth belt.

Is your saw noisy, get overly heated, or make bad cuts? If after doing basic maintenance like cleaning the dirt around the spindle knobs, if you are still having problems, and saw is cutting poorly only on one side, switch around the blades (left to right side; right to left). If same side is having problem, it could be the spindle.

To determine which spindle: It is the left handle spindle / left hand side of saw, when you are facing the front of the saw.

Price? ?$568.67


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Price: $568.67

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