Poster / Artwork Display Flip Swing Rack (New) Item # JJ-171000


Poster and Artwork Display Flip Swing Rack

SKU: JJ-171000
Manufacturer: J&J Display

Enhance your space with our poster and artwork display racks: display and safeguard your pieces.

- Enhance presentation quality: Showcase posters efficiently and attractively.
- Protect posters: Maintain organization and keep them in good condition.
- Professionalism: Elevate the appearance of any space.
- Accessibility: Make posters easily viewable and accessible to all.


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Display includes:
-Free standing base
-White center board & two sheets of .10 mil acetate/panel
-Panels 37" tall by 31" wide

Unit available with either 10, 20, or 30 panels.

- JJ-171000 - 10 panels for 20 images
- JJ-171010 - 20 panels for 40 images
- JJ-171020 - 30 panels for 60 images

*Assembly Required

Additional Information

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