Potdevin Type 2R Gluer (New) Item NFE-292


Potdevin Type 2R Gluer

SKU: NFE-292
Manufacturer: Potdevin

Available in roller widths of 9, 12, 15, 18, and 21 inches.

Allows the user to apply a more precise amount of adhesive.

The cost-cutting Potdevin Type 2R Gluer, compact and ruggedly constructed, accurately applies any of a variety of adhesives to products ranging from luggage and desk pads to leather goods and book covers. Simple to operate, easy to clean.?Applies adhesives and other fluid coatings to labels and other flexible materials up to 1/8? thick;?Single Phase 1/3HP motor standard;?Stainless steel removable glue tray - stainless steel glue rollers adjustment by regulator dial


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??Additional Options Available:

  • Rigid materials up to 3/8? thick (glass, metal, wood, etc.) ?cardboard attachment?
  • Motors: 220 v AC, variable speed motors, air motors, 220v 3Ph 60Hz motors? Edge and strip gluing attachment? Slow speed attachment Electric glue heater (for hot animal glue) Portable floor stand

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