Potdevin Z27 27″ Hot Gluer (Refurbished) Item # UE-091622E (Indiana)
Potdevin Z27 27″ Hot Gluer (Refurbished) Item # UE-091622E (Indiana)
Potdevin Z27 27″ Hot Gluer (Refurbished) Item # UE-091622E (Indiana)
Potdevin Z27 27″ Hot Gluer (Refurbished) Item # UE-091622E (Indiana)
Potdevin Z27 27″ Hot Gluer (Refurbished) Item # UE-091622E (Indiana)
Potdevin Z27 27″ Hot Gluer (Refurbished) Item # UE-091622E (Indiana)


Potdevin Z27 27" Hot Gluer

SKU: UE-091622E
Manufacturer: Potdevin
Date listed: September 16, 2022

Potdevin Z27 27" Hot Gluer

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From the Technician: "Tech Refurbished: with new paint, wiring, seals and heating elements (as needed)."

  • Model: Type Z-27 Inch
  • Type of Glue Tank: Cast Iron
  • Width of Glue Roller: 27 Inches
  • Max width Coated: 26"
  • Dimensions: 25" x 41" x 12"
  • Tank Capacity: 8 1/2 quarts
  • Net Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Coating Roller Speed: 90 Feet/min
  • Electrical Requirements: 115v, 60 hz (optional 220v)

About this Item

Features & Specifications

***From the Manufacturer:

Automate your gluing of paper, cardboard and other materials with the durable Potdevin Type Z Gluer. Fast, accurate, low noise, with an adjustable glue control making it easy to clean and use, the Type Z Gluer is a fail proof machine. Optional attachments for strip gluing, cardboard gluing, gluing materials up to 1" thick and optional heaters for those cold climates that need some warmth to keep the glue at the correct temperatures. The 27 Inch Potdevin Type Z Glue Machine comes standard with a cast iron tank, 115v power and stainless steel rollers. We highly recommend ordering the heavy duty Type Z Stand that is built at optimal height on smooth casters for easy maneuverability, usability and storage.

Add the Rotary Press to eliminate wrinkles and bubbles and speed up your labeling process.

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