Poulans Model #P-200 Horizontal Wheel Puller (used) Item # UE-081321F (Ohio)
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Poulans Model #P-200 Horizontal Wheel Puller

SKU: UE-081321F
Date listed: August 13, 2021

Poulans Model #P-200 Horizontal Wheel Puller

Serial: 200110

Model: P-200

Capacity: 100,000 Lbs. @ 10,000 PSI

Stroke: 13"

Vertical Adjustment: 12" to 60"

Powered Vertical ADJ: Yes

Horizontal Adjustment: 1" to 40"

Arm Length: 59"

Phase: 1

Voltage: 110

Motor: 1/2 HP

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UE-081321F - 74091

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