Powermatic Dust Collector (Used) Item # UE-010622B (Florida)
Powermatic Dust Collector (Used) Item # UE-010622B (Florida)
Powermatic Dust Collector (Used) Item # UE-010622B (Florida)


Powermatic Dust Collector

SKU: UE-010622B
Date listed: January 6, 2022

Powermatic Dust Collector

From the seller "Machine is in good working condition."

Model # PM1900TX-3

3 Phase Power

$ 650

Customers can pick this machine up in Florida or have it shipped for an additional fee.



About this Item

  • *** From the manufacturer:

    The PM1900 Dust Collector is strong enough to use with planers, wide belt sanders, table saws and most other woodworking machines. The exclusive TurboCone? improves chip separation to prevent clogging of the filter, and increases packing efficiency of the collector bags. The canister filter offers superior filtering surface area over standard bags, and captures 98% of 2-micron particles. The all-metal duct improves rigidity and air flow. The clear collector bags are large capacity, which means less down-time changing them. Four swivel casters and conveniently located handles allow for easy mobility.

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    Style (Type): Dust Collector

    Efficiency (Micron): 30

    Static Pressure (Wc.): 12.15

    Bag Diameter (In.): 20

    Collection Bag Length (In.): 30

    Filter Bag/Canister Length (In.): 48

    Impeller Diameter (In.): 14

    Impeller Fins: 7

    Sound Rating (Db.): 86-92

    Impeller Material: Steel

    Motor Power (HP): 3

    1-Hose Connection Diameter (In.): 8

    3-Hoses Connection Diameter (In.): 4

    Motor Phase: 3

    Motor Voltage (V.): 230/460

    Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) (In.): 61 x 30 x 94

    Prewired Voltage (V.): 230

    Motor Amps: 8.2/4.1

    Net Weight (Lbs.): 211

    Gross Weight (Lbs): 215


Pricing & Shipping

Price: $650.00

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Product is located in Florida. Customers can pick the machine up or have it shipped for an additional fee.

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