PSS 2010 Large Carton Strapping System (New) Item # ST-101100


PSS 2010 Large Carton Strapping System

SKU: ST-101100
Manufacturer: PAC

High Performance Pallet Strapping
The PAC PSS 2010 is an excellent choice for standard pallets or large package strapping where it is not necessary to feed strap through a pallet void. Available in several different arch and strap sizes, the PSS 2010 is a heavy duty, versatile strapper suitable for a broad range of applications. The proven strapping head produces high tension and consistent, friction welded seal joints for both polyester and polypropylene. The extensive list of standard features on the PSS 2010 is listed below. Plus, it's backed by the best warranties in the industry, 99% parts availability within 24 hours, and unlimited, free telephone support for the life of the machine. If you are looking for a reliable pallet strapper that is operator and maintenance friendly, you can't get a better value than the PSS 2010.
Standard Features of the PSS 2010
Electronic Tension Control
Tension is adjusted by simply turning a dial
Siemens PLC Control Unit
Reliable Siemens PLC reduces adjustments and maintenance
Reliable Friction Welding System
Welds on both
PET and PPY are reliable and consistent
Auto Strap Ejector and Re-fed
Missed straps are ejected and the PSS 2010 returns
to the ready position
Acceptable for both Polypropylene and Polyester
Options Available on the PSS 2010
Can be automated with conveyors
Heavy duty foot pedal
Available with power or gravity conveyors
Available with a 8" (200mm) or 9" (280mm) I.D. core, 16" (406mm) standard


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