Replacement Frame Scale Measurement Decal Overlays for Miter Saws (New) Item # NFE-321


Replacement Frame Scale Measurement Decal Overlays for Miter Saws

SKU: AT-501010

Heavy Duty Rigid Lexan Overlays for Mitre Saws Measuring Tables

Made of Lexan and printed on the back side which is more wear resistant , thicker and harder to cut and scrape with normal use.

116" total length that can be trimmed to size. Adhesive pliable vinyl back with zinc silicone oxide scale imprinted on front. Comes in 30" sheets.

How to apply: Clean old scale with acetone to remove any oil residue; then lightly mist with 409 spray. This will allow you to place scale properly.

When applying the scale, make sure wear plates in the machine are shimmed up the thickness of the scale. You can use excess cutoff from the frame scale to put under the wear plates so that everything is level.

Very Durable, Wear Resistant, Rigid Lexan Material


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  • NFE-321 6" Width Heavier 1/16" Thick Lexan Acrylic $443.72

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Price: $443.72

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