Roland LEJ-640FT Flatbed Printer (Used) Item # UE-110321A (South Carolina)


Roland LEJ-640FT Flatbed Printer

SKU: UE-110321A
Date listed: November 3, 2021

Roland LEJ-640FT Flatbed Printer

From the seller: "We bought this Jan 2020, right before covid hit. We have not built an audience for it?s work as of yet. I just had it serviced and it is running extremely well. It has CMYK, white and gloss inks."

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About this Item

  • ***From the manufacturer:

    Amazing ECO-UV Ink with Three-Dimensional Textures. With four ink configurations that include CMYK, Gloss and White ink combinations, the LEJ-640FT offers detailed color options as well as stunning special ink eects and simulated embossing.
    Print Very Big and Many Small. From industry standard 4' x 8' sheets to hundreds of smartphone
    cases, the LEJ-640FT offers users the broadest range of pre-manufactured and manufactured customization. Create everything from POP displays, interior design, art, promotional products and one or two-sided signs.
    Advanced, Efficient and Easy Flatbed Technology EZ Handheld Controller, With one-touch operation, a handheld controller allows users to store and re-run print jobs with unattended ease.

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  • It provides the following features:

    - Easy setup menus for multi-directional printer movement
    - Automatic/manual media detection
    - Optimized user modes
    - Media loading zones
    - Base point and vacuum control
    - Programmable origin/control/setup

    Huge range of pre-manufactured and manufactured customization
    applications, from 4' x 8' sheets to hundreds of products at once
    ? ECO-UV ink dries instantly and stretches?conforming around the
    most complex corners and curves
    ? Includes VersaWorks RIP with enhanced productivity tools? spot
    color replacement, predictive ink calculator, variable data
    printing, Pantone?
    Spot Color Library, and Roland Texture Library?
    with clear effects
    ? Dual UV LED lamps for low-heat, fast curing ? last up to 10,000
    hours ? ten times longer than conventional UV lamps
    ? Accepts media: 64 in. x 98 in. (1625mm x 2490mm) width/length,
    6 in. (152mm) height, and up to 220 lbs (100 kg) weight
    ? Print on foam board, brick and tiles, MDF and wood, clear and
    opaque plastics (PETG), metal, glass, Sintra?, and other
    standard wide-format sheets
    ? Customize manufactured blanks such as picture frames, shoes,
    cell phone covers, water bottles, hats, journal, coasters, cases
    and luggage to create personalized gifts and unique promotions

    *** Although we strive for accuracy, some specifications are provided to us by seller, it is a good idea to double check specifications by manufacturing company for possible errors of information. Feel free to call us if you have further questions before purchasing.


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