Ruvo 2200 ? Stair Stringer Router Machine (used) Item # UDM-2 (Florida) - AIM Equipment Co.
Ruvo 2200 ? Stair Stringer Router Machine (used) Item # UDM-2 (Florida)
Ruvo 2200 ? Stair Stringer Router Machine (used) Item # UDM-2 (Florida)
Ruvo 2200 ? Stair Stringer Router Machine (used) Item # UDM-2 (Florida)
Ruvo 2200 ? Stair Stringer Router Machine (used) Item # UDM-2 (Florida)


Ruvo 2200 ? Stair Stringer Router Machine

Manufacturer: Ruvo

Stair Machine for?cutting the?stringer?for a standard box?stair

Machines a pair of stringers simultaneously using Heavy Duty Tyler Spindle Cutting Heads. Quick and easy set-up for tread, rise, and run specifications to ensure simplified training and quality product. Once set-up is complete the machine will automatically feed per the run measurement to complete all cuts for the pair of stringers with minimal supervision.

Stringer up to 2? Thick x 11-1/2? Wide x Unlimited Length

From the seller "?As Is? Lightly Used Machine in Excellent Condition Previously Refurbished? by seller. Video available of machine in operation "

Manufacturer's Information:

Capable of machining 8 foot doors the magnum is a very versatile machine equipped to drill the lock and latch bores, route hinge mortises, and route the latch mortise during a normal machine cycle. The capabilities of this machine are virtually endless allowing a single operator to machine specifications with ease and accuracy.
  • Automatic face plate routing
  • Quick change backset
  • Quick change 3-1/2 degree hinge mortise
  • Bolt on wear surfaces
  • Machine doors from 4' to 9' tall and from 1' to 4' wide
  • Raised molding compatible
  • One 8' (for doors up to 8') and one 9' integrated stop systems for quick change between pre-set hinge patterns
  • Partial lock boring for door pulls
  • Pneumatic jamb lift adjustment to ensure a perfect fit
  • Insert cutters for low cost cutting blade replacement
  • Self-centering butt router for easy hinge mortising
  • 3.5? beveler/sizer
  • Variable speed power feed allows for soft and hardwood doors
  • Infinite door width adjustment
  • Power feed wheel bypass

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