Ryobi 760E Press (used) Item # UE-102721C (North Carolina)
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Ryobi 760E Press

SKU: UE-102721C
Date listed: October 27, 2021

Ryobi 760E Press


About this Item

  • Year 2015
    Serial Number 1020
    Numbering of Printing Units 4
    Max Paper Size 30.12" x 23.62"
    Min. Paper Size Straight Press: 10.98" W x 7.87" L Convertible perfecting Press: Perfecting 12.80" W x 11.61" L
    Max. Printing Area S-Type 30.12" x 21.46" XL-Type 30.12" x 22.83"
    Paper Thickness Straight Press 0.0016"- 0.024" Convertible Perfecting Press 0.0016"- 0.016'
    Printing Speed 3,000 - 13,000 S.P.H The maximum printing speed is 8,000 S.P.H when using the delivery auxiliary back guide
    Plate Size S-Type (Standad): 29.33" x 23.82" Max. 30.51" x 23.82" XL Type (Standard) 29.33" x 25" Max. 30.51" x 25" Positioning Pin Pitch: 16.73"
    Plate Thickness 0.017" (cylinder packing total)
    Blanket Size 31.14" x 26.18" x 0.077" (Cylinder packing total: 0.1")
    Feeder Pie Capacity 31.50"
    Delivery Pile Capacity 23.62"
    Number of Rollers Ink Rollers: 18 (Form Rollers: 4) Water Rollers: 4 (Form roller: 1)
    Gripper Margin 0.39" 0.039
    Diagonal Image Micro Adjustment Range (0.008") (at max. printing area) (plate cylinder)
    Vertical Image Micro Adjustment Range 0.039" (front lay) Straight Press: 0.039" (plate cylinder) Convertible perfecting press: 0.079" (plate cylinder)
    Vertical Image Rough Adjustment Range Straight Press: 0.79" Convertible perfecting press: 9.84"
    Lateral Image Micro Adjustment Range 0.098" (pull side guide) Plate Cylinder: 0.079"
    Electrical 3-phase 200V 50/60Hz or other voltages
    Dimensions 23' 3" L x 8' 5" x 6' 2"
    Weight 38,800 lbs.

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