SCM SI X L’invincibile Sliding Table Saw (New) Item # NE-011722G (Pennsylvania)


SCM SI X L'invincibile Sliding Table Saw

SKU: NE-011722G
Manufacturer: SCM

L'invincibile SI X sets new standards for quality and incorporates all the experience and expertise of the manufacturer of the widest range of woodworking machines in the world.

New w/ Factory Warranty


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Features and Specifications:

- Machine type: Electronic programmed
- Squaring capacity with carriage and extended stop: 3200 mm x 3200 mm
- Blade tilting: ± 46°
- Main blade rotating speed: 2800 4200 rpm
- Scoring blade rotating speed: 6000 rpm
- Cutting height at 90°: 205mm
- Cutting height at +45° w scoring: 130 mm
- Cutting height at -45° w scoring: 105 mm
- Main blade motor power Hz 50: 9kW
- Scoring blade motor power Hz 50: 0,9kW

Additional Information

- Double blade tilting: maximum height without compromise. The exclusive SCM solution capable of simultaneously use a 550mm saw blade and 160mm scoring blade, for both 90 ° and ± 46 ° inclined cuts, providing the best performance on veneered panels and solid wood components.

- Sliding carriage: maximum cut quality guaranteed over time. The carriage will never require adjustment due to its structure with arch-ground steel slideways (developed by SCM).

- eye-S console: the pleasure of controlling all machine functions from the control panel. The new control panel, with its attractive design, allows easy and intuitive machine programming, combining the 15” color touch-screen display and the Maestro active user interface.

- User friendly and precise mechanical components. It provides maximum support for the panel for any angle due to the exclusive SCM patented solutions consisting of a single center of rotation for maximum reliability over time. The electronic control updates in real-time the data for the positions of the three wireless LCD stops on the "Quick Lock" fence

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