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SCM Tech 95 Boring Machine

SKU: UE-110321C
Date listed: November 3, 2021

SCM Tech 95 Boring Machine

From the seller: "As Taken From Service."

Manufactured in 1998

Serial # AL1/001921

Point to Point Boring Machine

Wired 400V, 3 PH, 32A

Monoblock steel base,

ribbed and normalized to guarantee stability and precision

THK Guideways in X, Y and Z Axes

AC Brushless Servo drives in all three Axes

Frequency inverter selected to match router size

Worktable with four supports and two vacuum cups each for locking of workpieces

Worktables feature centralized pneumatic locking

Pneumatically extended reference stops for panel placement

Additional right stop to extend reference point to 2,800 mm

Rollers for panel support when using 2,800 mm stop

Single vacuum zone machine featuring Becker pump

Boring Unit

Ten independent spindles for vertical boring on 32mm centers

Two independent spindles for horizontal boring along the X axis

Two independent spindles for horizontal boring along the Y axis

Routing Unit

One Electro Spindle with ISO-30 tool holder

Maximum router power - 9 HP (6.6 kw)

Tool RPM 12,000 - 18,000

Left or right hand rotation selected from program

Grooving Saw

X-axis grooving Saw mounted in front of drill head

Grooving saw powered by independent motor, 3-1/2 HP (2.6 kw)

KTL 10500 CNC Controller Featuring

9", 16 grey scale high resolution monochrome graphics video

Alphanumerical keyboard for main functions, including dimension display, machine parameter programming, work program loading from personal computer

32 Bit Microprocessor

3-1/2" floppy disc drive

256 KB user ram

PLC integrated function

RS-232 Serial port

On board parametric programming

On board calculator

On board optimization

Axis over ride function to adjust feed speed during machining process

Linear and circular interpolation in three planes, with linear interpolation in three planes, with linear interpolation in space and helicoidal interpolation of any selected plane

On-line help for all program functions

Graphic and Syntactic Help screen for boring and routing operations

Head configuration graphics

Part graphics for quick and easy checking of program results

Zoom function for precise checking of individual machining steps

Checking of profile being machined to ensure that successive operations do not affect steps already executed by the program

Panel origin change facility to profile angled or curved sides

Execution of program lists from the keyboard according to required production lots

Work speed adjustment to select the optimum speed according to the material and machining process required

Routing hold function to stop machining

Single step operation for manual control of individual program steps

Multi-Tasking function enabling the programming of the utilization of all NC functions while the machine is running or in emergency state

Simulated program execution for last-minute pre-production checks

Operator interface in User's language, 10 languages standard

Programming in millimeters or inches

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