Silent Air Compressor Model P-15 TC Item # WR-103000


Panther Silent Air Compressor P15-TC

SKU: WR-103000

Panther Silent Air Compressor P15-TC provides a simple solution and an easy installation and start up for most applications needing a source of quiet compressed air.

New w/ Factory Warranty


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Features and Specifications:

- 0.18 HP
- Output Free Air: 0.70 CFM
- Output Free Air: 20 L. Min
- Max Pressure PSI: 120 PSI
- Max Pressure Bar: 8 bar
- Max Current: 115V 1.9 Amps
- Max Current: 220V 1.05 Amps
- Noise Level: 30 db/A
- Tank Size: 0.93 Gal
- Tank Size: 3.5 Lt.
- Dimensions: 14x14x11
- Weight: 35 lbs.
- Packed Dimensions: 17x15x15
- Packed Weight: 43 lbs.

ITEM: M01090 – 115V/50-60 HZ
ITEM: M01010 – 220V/50-60 HZ

Additional Information

- Completely Silent Operation
- Internally Powder Coated Air Tank
- Pressure Switch allowing for Automatic Start/Stop
- Outlet Pressure Regulator
- 5 Micron Outlet Moisture Filter
- Tank Pressure and Outlet Pressure Gauges
- ASME Safety Valve
- Conveniently Located Top Tank Drain
- Long Service Life Backed by a 24 Month Warranty and Dedicated Tech Support

WR-201100 Optional 0.1 Micron Coalescing Filter

Pricing & Shipping

Price: $1,083.00

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