Stefani Solution KD HP T-FR2 Production Edgebander (used) Item # UE-042022F (Louisiana)


Stefani Solution KD HP T-FR2 Production Edgebander

SKU: UE-042022F
Manufacturer: Stefani
Date listed: April 20, 2022

From the seller: "Very good condition."
Elect./Voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Manufacture Year: 2018
Includes Pre-Milling & Corner Rounding

UE-042022F - EO-012425
From the manufacturer:

Basic Specifications: 0.4 - 12 mm Edgebanding cap., Panels thickness (min/max) mm 10 to 60 mm. Variable feed speed 10 to 20 m/Min.
Front-End equipped with: Pre-Milling, 4 kW (5.3 HP) - 12,000 RPM motors, 1-Roll Horizontal Coil Magazine; Spraying unit (Anti-sticking liquid),
Gluing System: EVA & PUR Hot Melt Glue + Quick Melt system, 1 x Glue pot for EVA, 1 x Gluepot for PUR.
Pressure Section: (1) Large dia. clutch controlled drive roller and (4) pneumatic pressure idle rollers.

Workstations - Edgebanding:
End Trimming, front & rear end trims (0.55 kW - 12,000 RPM ea.), motors tilt 0° - 22° on horiz. plane.
Finishing Unit: Top & Bottom flush/bevel/radius trim station (0.55 kW - 12,000 RPM ea.), motors bevel from 0° - 30°.
Corner Rounding with: (2) Motors (0.35 kW - 12,000 RPM each); 2-position preset trimming through controller.
Multi Profile Scraping Unit: Top & Bottom for thick PVC, automatic positioning for different edge thickness and radius scraping; PVC shavings collection box; air pressure nozzles to support removal.
Flat Glue Scrapers: Top & Bottom pneumatic controlled scraping knives with bearing guide-wheels.
Buffing Unit: Top & Bottom oscillating (0.3 kW - 3,000 RPM motor ea.), units tilt 0° - 10°.
Edge Color Reactivation Unit: with (2) hot air nozzles,

Control & Operation:
"Star-Touch" Control Operator Interface, 100 working program capacity, input/output on-screen viewing, hour meter, linear foot meter, ON/OFF control of all working units, productivity reports.
Servo controlled raise & fall of pressure beam, 80 mm V-grooved top belt; 3/4" track chain with "non-slip" chain pads.

Features & Supplied with:
Insulated sound enclosure w/large window area, rotating operator control panel at eye-level height, telescopic panel support, frequency inverter & used tooling.

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