Tullis Russell Drytac HGP 360 Vacuum Heat Press
Tullis Russell Drytac HGP 360 Vacuum Heat Press (used) Item # UFE-M1646
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Tullis Russell Drytac HGP 360 Vacuum Heat Press (used) Item # UFE-M1646
Tullis Russell Drytac HGP 360 Vacuum Heat Press (used) Item # UFE-M1646
Tullis Russell Drytac HGP 360 Vacuum Heat Press (used) Item # UFE-M1646


Tullis Russell Drytac HGP 360 Vacuum Heat Press

SKU: UFE-M1646

Includes: Press Stand & Vacuum Pump

From the seller: "This used press is in Good Working Condition."

Operating Manual for this Press can be found in our Resources section


About this Item

Features & Specifications

From the Manufacturer:
The Hot Press® Heated Glass Top Vacuum Press incorporates a well proven, advanced technology heating system. The top panel of the vacuum press is made up of two sheets of reinforced, tempered glass. The inner surface of the lower sheet has an invisible conductive fi lm embedded in it. A controlled electric current is passed through this conductive fi lm creating a highly effi cient heating system. A sensor on the glass monitors and controls the temperature by means of a digital thermostat. The glass is extremely smooth and scratch resistant. The transparent top panel allows the operator to view materials during most bonding processes, providing a high level of confidence as work is completed. The Hot Press® Heated Glass Top Vacuum Press handles a wide range of presentation materials from foam board and wood to photos, art prints and delicate fabrics. The Hot Press® brand is well regarded by picture framers and other finishing professionals for its ability to produce consistent, high quality results. All models feature an automatic electronic timer with a manual override switch and vacuum pressure adjustment capabilities. Upon completion of the cycle, vacuum pressure is automatically released, and the timer resets itself.

  • Glass top allows most applications to remain visible even when the press is closed
  • State-of-the-art heating system that ensures fast, even heating
  • Programmable vacuum cycle for consistent results
  • Wide range of sizes to suit most applications
  • Swift accurate temperature adjustment
  • Dimensions:  42.5 x 66.5"" / 107.9 x 168.9 cm
  • Diaphragm Working Area :  42.5"" x 66.5"" (1080 mm x 1689 mm)
  • Time to Vacuum:  30 sec
  • Time to Temp: 12 min
  • Voltage:  220V single phase; 50/60 Hz
  • Wattage:  4.2KW
  • Current:  18/22 amp
  • Weight - Net/Shipping   244 lbs (111 kg) /320 lbs (145 kg)

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