Unique 313 Mitre Machine (used)
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Unique 313 Mitre Machine (used)
Unique 313 Mitre Machine (used)
Unique 313 Mitre Machine (used)
Unique 313 Mitre Machine (used)


Unique 313 Mitre Machine

SKU: UFE-3068

Unique 313 Mitre Machine

Condition as provided to us: This used Unique 313 is in good operating condition

Manufactured: 2011

Serial # 0347110313

Manufacturer's info (Crosscheck with manufacture to determine if there are any differences between the machine listed and details below provided from manufacturer's website). :

The Strongest Joint in the industry (Finger-Joint with Dowel Location)

This Automated Machine Makes Miter Door Production seem simple


The Model 313 features an automatic cycle with dowel drilling for accurate and easy alignment of mitered corners. Highly visible guards, foot valve operation to actuate clamping and dual hand actuated start buttons make this machine both easy to use and safe to operate.

Design Features:

No pre-cutting of the miter is necessary with the Unique system, frames can be cut to finish size before the joint is machined

The Y axis movement of the precision table is guided by Thomson shafts and linear bearings

Air over oil rod-less cylinder smoothly drives the table past the shapers automatically

Two pneumatic clamps hold the work-piece on either side while the parts are being shaped

Highly visible guards, protective clamp bar and poly-carbonate shield keep the operator protected while operating the machine

Fine adjustments can be made to the position the dowel hole location in any direction

Digital indicators make the dowel (Z) height easy to position quickly and accurately on either side

Staggered tables allow two 1 thick parts to be machined simultaneously

The position of the finger joint in the part can be adjusted to achieve the desired location

Compact design takes up very little space, yet is capable of machining any length parts

The automatic cycle is controlled by a maintenance free PLC with software built in by Unique

Technical Specifications:

(2) 5 HP shapers with 1-1/4" diameter counter rotating spindles

(2) 1/3 HP dowel alignment drills

Automatic cycle with dowel hole boring for accurate alignment of mitered door corners

15 seconds per cycle

1" material thickness capacity

4" maximum material width

5" maximum cutter diameter

36" work height

Pneumatic clamping system locks during operation for safe machining of parts

Adjustable stops for dowel drilling

Air over oil rod-less cylinder driven table

Staggered tables with angled fences allow (2) 1" thick parts to be machined simultaneously; digital position indicator

(2) Finger joint cutters included (includes backers and carbide inserts)

Dust Collection: (2) 5" dust ports require approx. 1,000 CFM per spindle

Compressed Air Requirements: 90 PSI (1 CFM)

Machine weight: Approximately 1,200 lbs

Price ?$22,000


?This machine can be picked up in Canada or have it shipped for an additional fee by freight company.

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