Universal DY103 Double Miter Saw (New) Item # UA-101030


Universal DY103 Double Miter Saw

SKU: UA-101030
Manufacturer: Universal Arquati

Universal DY103 Double Miter Saw

New w/ Factory Warranty

From The Manufacturer:
  • 6" Capacity Pneumatic Saw
  • Arbor Size: 1"
  • Weight: 635 lbs
  • Dimensions: 38" x 42" x 60" (without the measuring tables installed)
  • Power: Single phase, 220 volt

A revolutionary idea--right and left saw heads, individually operated on a common base. Gives you a fast, accurate double mitre cut-off that beats anything in it's price class in the world.

The Universal Arquati DY103 Double Miter Saw is a vertical drop saw specifically designed for cutting perfect 45 degree Angles. The DY103 can cut moulding up to three and three quarter inches tall and six inches wide.

Some main features of this model include:

  • A five foot infeed table plus an eight foot measuring table
  • 2 production stops that can be flipped up to allow holding to slide from one stop to the next
  • An external dual port dust collector speed control knobs that adjust the speed of the stroke allowing for a faster pass of the blades for polystyrene molding and a slower stroke for large wood moldings.

The Universal Arquati DY103 is a highly Versatile saw usable for a variety of Different Applications.

Link to Video of Machine in Operation #1
Link to Video of Machine in Operation #2
Link to Video of Machine in Operation #3
Link to Video of Machine in Operation #4


About this Item

Features & Specifications


- 55" infeed (left) table and
- 103" (right) measuring table
- Dust Collector

Included with saw:

- 1 left and 2 right Tables
- 2 metal plates and 16 bolts to attach the second right side table
- 1 package containing the 93" straight gauge in 2 sections
- Dust collector hose
- 4 disks and 4 nuts and bolts to level saw

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