VacuSeal 4468H Dry Mount Press (Used) Item # UE-042224B
VacuSeal 4468H Dry Mount Press (Used) Item # UE-042224B
VacuSeal 4468H Dry Mount Press (Used) Item # UE-042224B


VacuSeal 4468H Dry Mount Press

SKU: UE-042224B
Manufacturer: Vacuseal
Date listed: April 22, 2024

VacuSeal 4468H Dry Mount Press

  • Year Manufactured: Between 1998 - 2003
  • Model Number: 4468H
  • Item Under Warranty: No
  • Can Item Be Inspected On-Site: Yes

From the Seller: "We bought this from a neighboring frame shop when he went out of business. Somehow we lost the pump in the move. Gas springs that hold up the lid will also need changing. We never set it up or used it. Whoever buys it will need to buy a pump and have it serviced by a technician."


About this Item

Features & Specifications

***Manufacturer's Information:

Vacuum Press is the preferred choice of professionals. The Vacuum Press offers a space-saving work surface and the option of processing several pieces of varying size and thickness simultaneously. Complete with digital display and touch pad controls, it is guaranteed to provide years of service with its durable framework and built-to-last construction.


- Cold mounting
- Laminating
- Heat mounting
- Appling texture

Operational Features:

- Pre-Drying Materials
- Eliminates pre-drying steps
- Available in three sizes (3648H, 4468H, 5298H)
- Dura-Box alloy frame with tight vacuum seal

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