Used Vacuseal Bienfang D&K Expressions 4468H Vacuum Dry Mount Press
Vacuseal Bienfang 4468H Vacuum Dry Mount Press (used) UFE-M1712 (Massachusetts)
Vacuseal Bienfang 4468H Vacuum Dry Mount Press (used) UFE-M1712 (Massachusetts)
Vacuseal Bienfang 4468H Vacuum Dry Mount Press (used) UFE-M1712 (Massachusetts)
Vacuseal Bienfang 4468H Vacuum Dry Mount Press (used) UFE-M1712 (Massachusetts)


Vacuseal Bienfang 4468H Vacuum Dry Mount Press

SKU: UFE-M1712

Vacuseal Bienfang 4468H Vacuum Dry Mount Press

From the seller " This press needs a new bladder. Pump works, heats up, and control panel works. Hydraulic hinges need adjusting?"

Replacement bladder can be ordered from this site by calling 330-405-9421. Price for replacement bladder: $986

Price? ?$750

Customers can pick up this machine in Massachusetts or have it shipped for an additional fee by freight company.


*** Manufacturer?s Info:

The Seal 4468H Vacuum Dry Mount Press is another leap forward for the Seal/Bienfang company. As the leading company for photo finishing and mounting, Seal has produced a dry mount press that also pre-dries your board, thereby saving time. This press can handle big jobs and handles multiple pieces at the same time.

Bienfang Vacuum Presses are designed to automatically control the four main variables of mounting: moisture, pressure temperature and time. This assures consistent results. There are two simple ways to operate the Vacuum Press: by setting each control individually or by using convenient programmed settings. Some settings are preset at the factory but you can also set your own programs for procedures you conduct repeatedly.

Platen temperature is maintained at +/- 2? F of the set temperature.

? Touch-pad controls assure consistency and are user friendly

? Easy-read digital displays

? Programmable System Controller with 6 factory-installed programs for temperature and dwell time

? End-of-cycle signal

? Sturdy Dura-Box alloy frame provides a tight vacuum seal and extra durability

? Space-saving work surface

? Maintenance-free vacuum



76.25 x 56.5 x 6.5? (WDH) (1940 x 1440 x 170 mm)


Working capacity: 44 x 68 x 1? (1118 x 1727.2 x 25.4 mm); Pressure: 13 psi

Power Consumption

230 VAC, 15 Amps; Requirements: 4-wire, single phase NEMA L14-20 plug 230 VAC, 15 Amps ? **3-wire 1close

Shipping Weight?495 lb (223 kg); Net weight: 205 lb (92 kg)

*** Although we strive for accuracy, some specifications are provided to us by seller. It is a good idea to double check specifications by manufacturing company for possible errors of information. Feel free to call us if you have further questions before purchasing.


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Price: $750.00

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