Valiani Geminus  CMC Mat Cutter (Highest Volume Production Cutter) (New) Item # CC-102000


Valiani Geminus CMC Mat Cutter (Highest Volume Production Cutter)

SKU: CC-102000
Manufacturer: Valiani

New w/ Factory Warranty

Geminus V is created to surprise with incredible speed and extreme precision; destined for large companies having important levels of production, it perfectly combines performance with reliability.

Thanks to an extremely solid and strong structure the Geminus V is able to handle complex working cycles whilst offering 24/7 productivity.

Equipped with two independent heads and a permanent pen holder (1) means no interruption during the work cycle. These characteristics translate into high capacity production by being able to simultaneously use 3 tools which, if combined with the large range of interchangeable heads, provide a huge variety of workflow options.


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