Valiani Mat Pro GTO-i CMC Mat Cutter (Discontinued Model)
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Valiani Mat Pro GTO-i CMC Mat Cutter (Discontinued Model)

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Valiani Mat Pro GTO-i CMC Mat Cutter

New w/ Factory Warranty

You can choose the best cutting or scoring head for your project... without any interruption.

Vacuum and Clamp combination offer unparallel accuracy , reducing waste and improving efficiency.

Robust construction and supreme speed for productuon 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

Manufacturer's Information:


Working area:? 1900mm x 1250mm (49 x 74?)

Height? ?860mmWidth? 2550mm

Depth? 1870mm

Weight? ?240 kg

Manufacturer's Information:Technical

Max Speed ??1400mm sec.Pneumatics 6 Bar/90 PSI

Main Supply ?110V/60Hz/10A, 220V/50Hz/10A.

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Manufacturer?s product sheet

Available Option: Opti Crop software with Camera

Using printed marks, OptiCrop, in combination with V-Studio and a camera, is capable of detecting the position of any printed material randomly placed on the work table, recognizing any print skew and, whenever needed, properly corrects the vector file before the cutting (plotting) process.

2 Cutting Heads

Heavy duty and robust cutting head and mount.

Digital electronics coupled with linear bearings ensure precise cutting paths and perfect results.

A powerful vacuum table, combined with the new clamping system, provides incredible working flexibility for a wide range of products to be processed.

Equipped with extremely reliable rotary vane vacuum pumps (oil-free and air-cooled) and with a suction chamber divided in 4 sections, it guarantees the maximum precision in clamping of any material and any size.

2 Cutting Heads

Thanks to the 2 cutting Heads the user can choose the best combination for the project allowing 2 simultaneous tasks without having to stop.

The large vacuum workspace, combined with a new clamping system, not only provides incredible working flexibility with a wide range of materials, but also provides the user with unparalleled accuracy to meet today?s production challenges.

Adjustable blade depth: Easy and independent adjustable blade depths on each head.

Button Clamps

Full hardened steel button clamps. Button clamps enable cuts to the edge of the board and precise positioning. Choose the best clamping system for your project.

Vacuum only (optional button clamp as guide)


Combination vacuum and button clamp.


Powerful, quiet and high performance micro stepper motors effortlessly drive the cutting head.Components of the motor: the motor pulley and belt can be seen through the clear cover.

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