Valiani Optima  TTC Technical Textile Cutter ( New ) Item # CC-107150


Valiani Optima TTC Technical Textile Cutter

SKU: CC-107150
Manufacturer: Valiani


New w/ Factory Warranty


A flatbed plotter with limitless possibilities


Optima series is a?digital cutting machine,?designed for the printing and packaging industry with the aim to manage complex die cutting processes. It is available in different sizes, with a wide range of tools and accessories. Additional software is available, and you?ll no longer need to outsource your projects.

3 Sizes:

Model 80? ? ? ?80 x 123 CM? ? ? /? 31" x 48" (Approximate)

Model 160? ? ?160 x 123 CM? ? ? /? 63" x 48" (Approximate)

Model 250? ? ?250 x 123 CM? ? ? /? 98" x 48"? (Approximate)



The?Optima flatbed cutting plotter, with its high precision, robust mechanics and reasonable starting price, is the answer for all applications in offset/digital printing industries, display and packaging market and apparel and leather industry. Its the ideal solution for short/medium runs of die cutting, prototyping, furnishings creation, textile/cardboard patterns cut and much more.


The?Optima ?is equipped with two configurable tool stations, independent and modular, to prevent interruption during the work cycle. The independent twin heads can be easily adjusted to various heights depending on the blade length and type. This ensures that you achieve the highest quality and cutting precision for all materials.


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