Voorwood A115 Door Machine (Used) Item # UE-101921A (South, USA)
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Voorwood A115 Door Machine

SKU: UE-101921A
Date listed: October 19, 2021

Voorwood A115 Door Machine

Manufactured in 2006

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UE-101921A - 009244

***From the manufacturer:

The A115 Shaper Sander can accommodate four shaping/sanding stations. Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations are used on specific shapers to eliminate rejects and produce the highest quality finished part. The A115 Shaper Sander can be configured with one to two shaping units to shape outside edges and raised panels. When equipped with two, the first shaper is reversible and rotates with the feed direction, and as the substrate passes, the station jumps in to make a short but full depth cut on its trailing edge to prevent wood grain tear-out.

The A115 Shaper Sander can be configured to accommodate a dual sanding station. The first sander spindle rotates with the direction of feed while the second sander spindle rotates against the direction of feed. The stations can be locked for straight sanding or allowed to follow a contour. Dual sanders, when combined with Turbosand rotary sanding system, provide a smooth, high-quality finish on all woods and MDF. These pneumatically actuated sanders can turn pre-cut arch panel stock into finished raised panels ready to be assembled to produce a door.

The A115 Shaper Sander transport system incorporates a bottom transport chain assembly and a roller hold-down assembly. The transport chain assembly is composed of a urethane top with double V-lug that travels over a precision-machined double V-track, guaranteeing precise linear transition of the part through the machine. The single-end tenoner is equipped with a dual purpose edge guide system, which accurately squares the part as it is fed to the shapers. It provides adjustment for straight and arch pre-cut boards.

Configured to accommodate up to four shaping and sanding stations

Spindles can be configured with quick change, HSK, or stacked tooling

Jump shaper system

Ever-square infeed guide

SS64 Size and Square attachment for single-end tenoner easily sizes and squares rough-cut substrates with pneumatically actuated squaring bar (option)

Double V-track (holds tolerances over time)

Labor savings (eliminates manual sanding)

Shapes pre-cut contours


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