WI Silent Air P 100/50AL Compressor Item # WR-103030


WI Silent Air P 100/50 AL Compressor

SKU: WR-103030

The only choice when quiet, dependable, and compact design is a must.

Easy Installation and Trouble-Free Operation: Each high performance compressor is built with quality in mind and comes fully equipped with powder coated air tank, pressure switch, 5 micron line filter, pressure regulator, and gauges for easy installation and trouble free operation.

Exceptionally Quiet: When operating under full load this line of ultra-quiet and low noise air compressors offers low decibel levels as low as 30 dB/A.

Certifications & Quality Engineering: Since it is ISO 9001 certified, our silent air compressors are built with durability and strength in mind.

Industrial Applications: The ultra-quiet and low noise air compressors are a great solution for medical, dental, and other healthcare applications. The medical-grade and dental air compressors are quiet, dependable, and great for hospitals, dental offices, vet offices, and more.

New w/ Factory Warranty


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Features and Specifications:

- 1 HP
- Output Free Air: 4.2 CFM
- Output Free Air: 120L Min
- Max Pressure PSI: 120 PSI
- Max Pressure Bar: 8 bar
- Max Current: 115V 9.6 Amp
- Max Current: 220V 4.8 Amps
- Noise Level: 42 db/A
- Tank Size: 13 Gal
- Tank Size: 50 Lt.
- Dimensions: 33"x16"x29"
- Weight: 116 lbs.
- Packaged Dimensions: 17"x15"x15"
- Packaged Weight: 204 lbs.

Item: M08090US – 115V/50-60 HZ

Additional Information

- Completely silent operation
- Internally powder coated air tank
- Pressure switch allowing for automatic start/stop
- Outlet pressure regulator & shut off valve
- 5 Micron outlet moisture filter / optional autodrain
- Tank pressure and outlet pressure gauges
- ASME safety valve
- Conveniently located top tank drain
- Long Service Life backed by a 24 Month warranty and dedicated tech support

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