Used Wizard 8000 CMC Computerized Mat Cutter Framing Equipment
Wizard 8000 CMC Mat Cutter (used) Item # UFE-C1710 (NC)
Wizard 8000 CMC Mat Cutter (used) Item # UFE-C1710 (NC)
Wizard 8000 CMC Mat Cutter (used) Item # UFE-C1710 (NC)


Wizard 8000 CMC Mat Cutter

SKU: UFE-C1710

Wizard 8000 CMC Mat Cutter

Low mileage cutter !!!

40x60 Computerized Mat Cutter

Includes: cutter, stand, Mat Designer software, computer w/Windows XP OS , monitor, keyboard, mouse. Also, includes Debossing Package (a $495 value),?2 1/2 boxes of new blades,?5 or 6 carriers for the blades, and?extra air hose."

Total Mats Cuts: 13,981

Total Corners:? ?121,617

From the seller " Retired from the framing business. Last used in July 2018, cutter is in good working order."

$ 3,500

This machine can be picked up in North Carolina or have it shipped for additional fee.

From the manufacturer?s Website:

An economical and efficient mat cutting solution that allows custom framing businesses to cut more and cut faster.

Some of the features our CMC Model 8000 offers:

  • Cut speed of 7.5 inches per second
  • 45 degree standard bevel cartridge
  • Optional debossing package with three cartridge options for pressing subtle designs into mats: thin, medium and wide
  • MatDesigner? software

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